The faces behind the dream

We want to just take an opportunity to introduce ourselves...

We are Ange and Lucy (aka LuAnge) see cheesy car selfie - we haven't had time to get our own professional shots - we're so busy with the business (you can't beat a selfie though aye?!)

We have spent months getting the Ange Triffitt Studio up and running, and it turns out, we make a pretty awesome team…

Ange has been passionate about photography since she was a child, and over the years has practiced her skills, techniques and has been experimenting with finding her style! Ange loves outdoor photography and can often be found at our local beauty spots, armed with her camera and lenses (a dog, 2 boys, 2 bikes, pile of coats and jumpers etc…you know, the hectic mum at work routine ).

Ange’s most favourite place to photograph is Northumberland, especially a beautiful sunset or sunrise! (She even sells her pictures online…just ask if you’re interested ).

Ange has dreamt of having her own studio for years and her dream has finally come true! She’s looking forward to using her camera skills to take all your gorgeous pictures and to continue developing her skills as a photographer. Ange has a lovely warm personality and can make anyone feel at ease in front of the camera.


Lucy is a behind the scenes, jack of all trades. She has an abundance of skills to bring to Ange Triffitt Studio. Lucy started her adulthood life as a professional dancer and with her training in all things dance, theatre and performing arts, she has a creative eye and a head full of arty ideas! It also seems she knows how to put together a website (a skill she never knew she had!). 


Lucy also sorts out all the endless admin stuff, spread sheets, contracts, consents etc etc. She also likes to make the studio look pretty…and has an obsession about cleaning the floor (it’s definitely a no shoe rule in the studio…must be a dancer thing).

Lucy will be assisting Ange as often as possible (when she’s not working at the hospital fixing teeth and gums…change of career…it’s a long story ). Both Ange and Lucy have enhanced CRB certification and experience of working with children (and teens, and adults…and now dogs ).

Together it just seems to work - Ange knows what shots she wants and Lucy seems to telepathically know what she’s after, and helps by getting the kids to laugh or look or pose or just something totally daft to get the required photo…teamwork makes the dream work…"and we think we’re the best team ever!"


car selfie.jpg

…We can be a bit daft; life with us is a bit like a real-life musical…we often burst into song (this usually involves guitars, microphones and silly dancing…and our three embarrassed kids )…we reckon you will all have great fun with us and a memorable experience at Ange Triffitt Studio (we may even supply coffee and a cake!)