Leaf Pattern Design


Professional Photographer

Photography and I have grown up together. From my early days as a little Triff, I remember my Dad lugging around a heavy camera bag on every outing and pointing those long black things into flowers and towards unsuspecting butterflies! I didn't get how it all worked, but I was in awe of the incredible images that my Dad created with this magical, memory machine! I had a longing to learn how to "freeze time" and pause life, in order to capture a moment for eternity. From this point on, my passion for taking photos was ignited and I promised myself that one day, I was going to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer. 

Today I am living my dream and every time step into my own studio I still feel overwhelmed with excitement. Whether I have a child portrait, family shoot or a corporate headshot, I can't wait to get my camera out in action. I have also developed a love of editing and retouching photographs and feel elated every time I deliver my clients images to their inbox! I always hope they love them just as much as I do.

Lucy Rutter

Creative Director

I have always had a creative streak. From decorating my bedroom as a child with glittery walls and crazy splashes of green, pinks and purples to training in the performing arts as a young adult. 

I studied dance and performing arts at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds and The Performance Academy in Newcastle. Although I primarily trained as a professional dancer, where I excelled was in the supporting subjects. I gained distinctions in Arts Management, Project Realisation and Physical Theatre. These are skills that I bring to Ange Triffitt Photography.


I am the eye behind the artistic approach to Ange's portraits. I have endless ideas of scenes, props, posing and together our skills create beautiful pieces of art that our clients are proud to hang on their walls. I also co-ordinate bookings, the website development and  I am the person on the shoots ensuring all the little details are right. 

Leaf Pattern Design